Dienstag, 15. April 2014

mai ausflug

wird wohl in dem fall nix mit der mai demo, dafür freuen wir uns jetzt schon auf die 3 tage mit KRANK!

OVERCOME stream und lyrics

liebe freundInnen,
da oben stehts, die komplette OVERCOME 12" gibts jetzt zum streamen auf unserer bandcamp seite.

hier also. 

da rechts im player gehts auch. as you like.
weiter unten alle texte, denn die lyrics sind uns als teil der songs genau so wichtig wie die musik selbst. nur versteht man sie halt nicht weil dieser schulz so nuschelt. haha. wie auch immer -  read it, hear it, feel it. we still have something to say. gebt uns feedback wenn ihr es mögt und scheisst uns an wenn ihr es kacke findet. wir freuen uns über jeden dialog. naja, fast jeden ;)

vinyl kommt gaaaaaanz bald. 

danke für die aufmerksamkeit und enjoy yourself.
- team pessimistic


time left it's scars
no hope
no heart

but we made it through the darkest days and the toughest nights.
without the ones we love we have nothing.


nothing left to believe in but the end
this place isn't even worth dying in here.
an irreversible mess is what we've left
without one fucking second of regard.

what scares me most
is that we celebrate ourselves
to be the planet's biggest failure.



i don't regret anything but the pain is what i remember best.
what remains are the scars i once predicted to myself.
what's said is said and what's done is done.
i would never want to go back for anything in the world.

it's horrible to fail when you gave anything you have.
scorched earth is all what's left.
i don't blame you, i don't blame myself.
self destruction as a way to get out of this hell.

sick of experiencing the worst fucking mess that i could ever be.
sick of the cold and the fear.
i hope that you're okay and i wish you the best.
left behind in the emptiness i am looking forward to nothing.

(a.k.a. the self-fulfilling prophecy )

decisions demanded to make
but i refuse to carry the weight
of consequences
we all just have to live with.

the right things at the right time
overcoming the fear of failure.
just one time.
the scars you don't see hurt the most.


it took some time to get a new perspective
instead of closing my eyes i chose to see.
the have-nots, the poor, the ugly, the intoxicated
i've seen so much poverty and misery.

what's left for those who have nothing
don't they deserve respect like any one of us?
no place for those who don't fit in
here or anywhere.

persecuted and abandoned, rejected and tormented -
while the public looks the other way.

what's left for those who have nothing
don't they deserve respect like any one of us?
no place for those who don't fit in
here or anywhere.

stop pointing your fucking fingers
and telling them whats wrong with their lifes.
no one of us middle-class-fucks
knows how it feels to live a life like this.


do you really need a nation to identify yourself.
we just live in the same place for a several reasons (and this is it).
there is nothing to be proud of
an excluding and depreciating society.

each and every symbol of nationality has to burn.
indications  of violence and oppression.

no need for a nation.
no need for borders.
no need for patriotism.
fuck flag waving.


this has all been said so many times before.
and the worst thing is that i know so well
what these fuckers went through.
i know the pain is real and i'm still listening to the saddest songs.

this is no fucking break up song,
this is for the ones who feel with me.

and i know why you carry your bleeding heart to the market
and scream out.

because this shit fucking hurts like hell.
i know it and you know it too.


we don't share anything,
i don't think we ever did.
and i couldn't care less.

never got that point
what we should have in common
neither values nor beliefs.

won't take this hand you reach out.

united in stagnation,
divided in everything else.


no idea how i made it through this
but it seems that i'm still here.

i know my mistakes
but this is something i have to live with.

we are what we've experienced
and what we learn from it.

live and learn.


right now i want nothing more
than filling this void,
the emptiness inside of me.

i have no fear
i'll just go down the drain.

walking on the edge
between neglect and self destruction.
indifference is overwhelming me.

i have no fear
i'll just go down the drain.


worse than losing everything
is the fear of losing everything.

and that's why i will fall apart somewhen.


the way things are doesn't mean that they are right.
i guess its hard to let go of comfortable habits
but it's really time to move on because for centuries
we've been oppressing half of the world.
it's time to break the cycle of oppression.

we ain't nothing better just used to being in power.
man you just profit from the past.

we all are human.
so let's get over hegemonic masculinity
and make equality happen.

fuck male supremacy
medieval times are over.

my hands are open.
my heart is open.
because we have to overcome.

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

you you you tube tube tube

für alle youtubistInnen: OVERCOME jetzt auch noch dort. diese sau treiben wir jetzt so lange durchs dorf bis sie umfällt.